Bottle of Blumenhof Utopia

Wine Information

A rich, fuller bodied white wine that showcases the signature pineapple character of the Vignoles grape. The label features a painting of our vineyard by famed local landscape artist Billyo O’Donnell.


Missouri (100% Missouri grown)

Cases Produced

250 cases annually

Alcohol by Volume


Residual Sugar


2018 Vintage

SILVER MEDAL: 2019 American Wine Society Wine Competition

2017 Vintage

SILVER MEDAL: 2018 San Francisco International Wine Competition


Cream Cheese, Chevre


Chicken, Ham, Pineapple dishes

Vignoles grapes at Blumenhof Vineyards in Missouri

The Grape

Vignoles: (veen-YOLE) Missouri’s most popular white wine grape, Vignoles bears many smaller clusters of grapes. The berries are packed very tightly in each cluster. This grape produces a wine that has a luscious floral aroma and fruity flavors of pineapple, pears, and apricot.

Blumenhof Winery grows 2000 Vignoles vines.