old van


A VERY BAD THING happened on November 4, 2018:  we sold the very last bottle of our most popular wine, La Charrette.

WE COULD SEE IT COMING, of course.  Day after day, this wine was flying out the door.  We knew it would eventually sell out, but we also knew that, with the heavy lifting of the harvest concluded, we could soon bottle more.

WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW was that the winemaker had other plans.  He was nowhere to be found.  He didn’t check in.  He didn’t answer his phone.  We eventually heard from a reliable source that he was “vacationing” in Colorado.  All we knew for sure was that he wasn’t in the cellar bottling La Charrette.

DAYS TURNED INTO WEEKS and still no winemaker, no La Charrette.  What was going on?  Our fans were getting restless.  A few accused us of holding back.  Emails were less friendly and understanding.  Sales started falling off.  Staff morale was becoming uncharacteristically gloomy.  How would we get through the Holidays without La Charrette?

WE WERE ON THE BRINK OF DESPAIR (or at least desperation) when, just a few days ago, we saw a beat-up old minivan, rakishly adorned with a bug-encrusted rubber cactus-man impaled on the antenna, pull into the parking lot.  The driver got out, walked briskly into the winery, grumbled something or other, and then brushed past the sales counter and into the cellar, trailed by a faint whiff of incense.

IT WAS THE WINEMAKER returning to work—finally.  We didn’t see him again for quite a while and we’re not sure exactly what he was doing back in the cellar, but we assume he went to the vat marked “LA CHARRETTE,” hooked it up to the silver bottling thingy, and put some wine in bottles.  Whatever.  All we know is that this morning (December 20, 2018), we had La Charrette back on our shelves.  Hallelujah!


SPEAKING OF SAVING, now is a great time to save on the just-bottled La Charrette.  With our Holiday Case Discount of $100.00 (no, that is not a misprint), a bottle of La Charrette can be yours for just $7.32 (plus sales tax) when you purchase 12 bottles.  Our other wines receive the same $100.00 case discount, so you can mix and match wines any way you like.

IF YOU’RE NOT UP FOR 12 BOTTLES, you can take advantage of our Holiday Special Discount:  $10.00 off any purchase of $30.00 or more (only available for purchases made at the winery).  This discount applies to items in our Gift Shop as well as wine.

BEFORE WE LET YOU GO, we have a confession to make:  the story about the winemaker is not entirely factual, but it is mostly true.  Even more true is the moral of the story:  winemakers are weird—even their sisters say so.


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