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Remember the good ole days in Missouri Wine Country? You could count on being able to try wines without paying a fee.  Corkage fees were non-existent.  Wineries made wine.  It sure was weird.

Here at Blumenhof we’re still Old School. We make our own wine right here in Dutzow, and all of our wines are made from grapes grown in the surrounding area – a growing rarity.  According to this source, just one central Missouri winery is making wine for more than 30 of Missouri’s “wineries” (and this central Missouri winery isn’t the only winery producing wine for mock wineries).  Most of the mock wineries try to pass off these wines as their own, when it’s simply the same wine sold at 30-some other “wineries” repackaged with a different name.  To us, that seems a bit misleading (at best), and we would argue, it’s rather disrespectful.

We respect you and your pocketbook, not only by staying true to the definition of a winery*, but also by not nickling and diming you with various extraneous charges.  You’re welcome to bring a picnic basket jam-packed with food and water any time you visit us.  And from time to time we offer fantastic sales on our award-winning wines like:


Free Admission – No Cover Charge

Saturday, February 27th
Gary Sluhan (“parrot-head”), 2 – 5 p.m.
Gary Sluhan at Blumenhof Winery, Highway 94, Dutzow, Missouri
Saturday, March 5th
Bryan & Lola (folk/rock/jazz), 2 – 5 p.m.
Bryan & Lola at Blumenhof Winery, Highway 94, Dutzow, Missouri
Sunday, March 6th
Taylor Feighery (indie), 2 – 5 p.m.
Taylor Feighery at Blumenhof Winery, Highway 94, Dutzow, MissouriMore Events

*Winery Definition:
noun, plural wineries.

1. an establishment for making wine. (source: